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Sleeve Gastrectomy (Feeding Tube)


Feeding tube (sleeve gastrectomy) operations used to be performed for very risky patients as a preliminary step for operations such as bypass and duodenal switch. Upon understanding that the other attempts were not required because the patients lost weight it has been used as a single method for about 10 years.

A fine-needle is inserted in the abdomen and the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas. 4 trocars (cylindrical tools placed on the abdominal wall) are inserted into the abdomen and the image is transmitted to a screen by the help of a camera and the operation is started. The stomach is cut perpendicularly and 70% of it is extracted by taking the tube fixed into the stomach through mouth as a guide.

Appetite is reduced due to the lack of “ghrelin” known as the appetite hormone excreted from fundus part of the stomach. Also, because the stomach size is reduced, you can get full with less food, thus you can lose weight effectively and permanently.