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In our Pediatrics Department;

  • All screening and monitoring of all babies since newborn period,
  • Vaccination monitoring
  • Monitoring healthy growth and development of the children
  • Promoting breastfeeding
  • Guiding to start additional food period
  • Monitoring of children with poor appetite and healthy nutrition
  • Constipation treatment for children

All these chidlhood diseases are diagnosed and treated.

Patients who need a hospitalized monitoring and treatment may be followed in our Service.

Premature babies, newborn jaundice and infections may be monitored in our Newborn ICU.

Doctors in this department.

Dr. Görkem Astarcıoğlu

Dr. Görkem Astarcıoğlu
Pediatrics Specialist

Dr. İlyas Yiğit

Dr. İlyas Yiğit
Pediatrics Specialist

Dr. Necati Yağız

Dr. Necati Sayer Yağız
Pediatrics Specialist