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Importance of laboratory services in monitoring and treating diseases is very important.  To diagnose a disease correctly and to monitor the achievement of the treatment is only possible with reliable laboratory results.

Microbiology and biochemistry laboratories in our hospital are at service for our polyclinic patients and admitted patients for 7/24.  Our laboratory provides a continuous service with a team including Clinic Microbiologist, laboratory technician, biologists and laboratory technicians.

All tests on Biochemistry, Hormones, hematology, Serology, bacteriology fields are performed in our laboratory.  Advanced analysis which are not performed in our hospital, pathological and genetic tests are provided to be performed in other laboratories which have documented their service quality standards through service purchase.

Rapid, reliable and correct laboratory results are very important for patient health.  All tests in our hospital are analyzed rigorously and our results are provided to be reliable and correct with internal and external control studies.

Test orders of our patients are performed via computer environment and samples taken are bar-coded and transferred into the laboratory rapidly and analyses are started.  A pneumatic transport system exists in our hospital between all units 8ER, services, ICUs, ORs) to transport patient samples rapidly.  Samples of admitted patients are transported rapidly via this system and they are taken into analysis. All devices included in the laboratory are connected with hospital automation system and results obtained from the device are transmitted onto computer environment, approved after being controlled by our physicians and sent to the polyclinic screens.  Abnormal results are approved after repeating the analysis.  All these procedures accelerate to obtain results and minimize the error ratio.

Many routine tests are concluded by our laboratory within 1 to 2 hours and for tests which is impossible to conclude during a day such as culture tests may be accessed via our website online.

Doctors in this department.

Dr. Alev Uslu

Dr. Alev Uslu
Biochemistry Specialist